For Teachers


The SHAPES program is a professional development program that has been used successfully in public and private settings by teachers with differing levels of experience and resources. Notably, SHAPES is not a curriculum, but rather a way of thinking. We recognize that you, the preschool teacher, are the expert who knows what is best for the students in your classroom. Through the comprehensive information and adaptable materials provided, the SHAPES program will equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to grow in expertise about physical activity. You will become a physical activity expert and will be able to adapt SHAPES concepts in order to integrate physical activity opportunities into your already established routine.

Teacher Testimonials

  • It made me feel confident about what I was already doing.
  • I enjoyed SHAPES. It gave the kids a lot of exercise time and calm down time. They love exercise! So I really enjoyed it.
  • The online course we took was very self-explanatory – very, very good. It helped me a lot. It helped me be more consistent with my movement.
  • I liked how fundamental it was and gave us pointers for the different activities, and just really how to incorporate at this age, we do exercise all the time but how to actually incorporate it so they can understand how important it is.
  • It made me feel confident about what I was already doing.
  • Honestly it reinforced what I already believed in but didn’t always put into the day.
  • I found that the kids enjoyed the organized play more than I thought they would on the playground.
  • I love the online modules. I loved seeing it instead of just reading it. I could see how it was done, how they implemented everything.
  • It gave me ideas to get the kids involved and something fun for them to do and to keep them engaged.
  • There is a purpose for the movement that we do, and they do need lots of movement. They enjoy it, not just health wise but they have fun, even with the exercising they were having fun.
  • I feel like there has been so much thought and process put into this. Everything was right there for you.