For Directors

Our philosophy is that all areas of child development – physical, social, emotional, language, and cognitive – are connected, contributing to the whole health and well-being of a child. As a director at a preschool or child care center, you have a unique opportunity to establish a culture of health for your teachers and preschool children. By implementing SHAPES at your preschool or child care center, you are fulfilling your responsibility to ensure that children are appropriately physically active during the school day.

When you register for SHAPES, you and your preschool teachers will gain 24-7 access to all of the online modules and resources and will be joining a community of SHAPES teachers and preschools. We understand that each program and center is unique; therefore the SHAPES program was specifically designed to be flexible and adaptable to all settings. We encourage you and your preschool teachers to discuss strategies for successfully implementing the SHAPES program, including any potential barriers such as scheduling, resources, and space.

Director Testimonials

  • The information was very informative and it made you become more aware of the importance of physical activity, not only the importance but how to incorporate it in a childcare setting.
  • I think it’s a way to get teachers thinking outside of the box about how to incorporate physical activity into the classroom.
  • Since we’ve been trained with SHAPES, it’s given everyone the opportunity to see different levels of activity and how we can carry out SHAPES throughout the day.
  • The teachers like it because you show them how to actually incorporate physical activity into their academic part of the day and with the learning center time.
  • It provided teachers with activities that they could incorporate into their regular schedule without having to switch it up or change their schedule.
  • It gave the teachers more knowledge on physical activities in the classroom and outside and made them more aware of things to do and made them think about the kids being physically active in and out of the classroom.
  • It gave the kids and the teachers more things to implement with their lessons and activities to carry out through their day, especially different ways to transition especially with having a smaller space.
  • I think I speak for all of the teachers, it just kind of opened our eyes to there was more than just playing tag or throwing the ball back and forth.
  • It really inspired teachers who know that they’re supposed to engage the children in physical activity inside the classroom as well as outside the classroom.
  • It made my teachers remember and remind themselves of ways to bring physical activity into the day.