About the Program

SHAPES is available nationally to early childhood educators in a variety of roles- teachers, directors, music teachers, and administrators have all participated successfully.

SHAPES is conducted over the course of six weeks, with one module completed per week during that period (for a total of six professional development training hours). Modules are completed at each participant’s convenience.

The SHAPES Program is accessible online 24/7 using any web-capable device including laptop and desktop computers, mobile phones, and tablets. When you register for the SHAPES Program, you will gain access to:

Many of these resources are available to download and print to aid in the delivery of the SHAPES program.

The SHAPES Course

The SHAPES Course consists of six online training modules which educate teachers on topics related to physical activity, key elements of the SHAPES Program, and self-assessment. Each module contains written and narrated content, video examples, and built-in activities to facilitate learning. Modules can be completed within 15 to 20 minutes each, and must be completed sequentially. Following the completion of each module, participants are instructed to complete a corresponding quiz to assess understanding of the content in the module.

The SHAPES GuidebookShapes Guidebook

The SHAPES Guidebook serves as a guide for teachers to use in conjunction with the online training modules. The content of the guidebook is organized by module, each of which corresponds to an online module. The SHAPES Guidebook is available for download so, if desired, teachers may print it and have it available in the classroom as a reference.

The SHAPES PlaybookThe SHAPES Playbook

The SHAPES Playbook is a helpful resource that serves as a reference bank of fun, kid-friendly movements. A variety of full-body movements are presented, and brief descriptions of how to perform and adapt the movements based on age and motor skill abilities are included. Teachers may choose to download and print this resource to have on hand in the classroom.

SHAPES Sample Activities

SHAPES Sample Activities

To assist teachers with fulfilling the SHAPES components, we developed over 100 sample activities. The activities are intended to serve as a guide; they are designed to be flexible and can be adapted to preschoolers’ abilities and interests, as well as the available space and equipment. SHAPES Sample Activities may be downloaded and printed, as desired.

SHAPES Active Alphabet and Activity Cards

The SHAPES Active Alphabet

The SHAPES Active Alphabet is a reference guide with a selection of action verbs that correspond to a letter of the alphabet. These actions can be incorporated at any time during the preschool day and the SHAPES Active Alphabet is a helpful tool to keep on hand in the classroom.

SHAPES Activity Cards are an additional resource that teachers may choose to download, print, and keep in the classroom. The front side of each card pictures a preschooler preforming a specified movement, and the backside contains a description of how to perform the movement followed by some helpful tips on how to increase the intensity of the movement. These cards serve as excellent visual prompts for preschoolers. We recommend that teachers print the cards, collect them with a binder ring, and keep them in an easy, accessible location in the classroom.

SHAPES Video Library

The SHAPES Video Library is a collection of videos that demonstrate SHAPES activities in action. Each video comes with a description of the activity that was performed as well as tips to aid transitions, enhance intensity, and adapt the activity. Teachers will have access to these videos for the duration of the SHAPES program.